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WHO: Chuck Roy

WHAT:  Comedy Writing Video and Business of Comedy discussion

WHEN: This week!  Feb 23, 2015

WHERE:  YouTube, Facebook

This week I shared a How To Write Comedy video and a lecture slide for my comedy class.  The two posts sparked a great discussion!

YouTube Video: How To Write Comedy  | Chapter 7 | The Reverse

About This Video

This is a homework assignment for my Online Course Design class.  I’m building an online course for joke writing for the Community College of Denver.  Online classes use video lectures to teach the students.  This is my attempt at a video lecture.

Lecture Slide

The majority of classroom time in the Comedy class is spent on stage performing comedy.  I Bearly lecture.  This week is the only week that requires a lecture – the Business of Comedy.  My challenge is to teach the students the reality of the comedy business.  Posting a slide from my lecture inspired a great discussion on my facebook fanpage and personal page.

PLEASE NOTE: This is my first time embedding a facebook post discussion into a blog post.  If it didn’t work well for you please feel fee to send your constructive criticism using my contact page.  I will respond ASAP!

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After completing my course in Online Course Design my next step will be to create an online course for the general public.  To stay informed, please join my Mailing List.


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