Welcomes Witty Kitty!

Witty Kitty Welcomes A New Pet!

The comedy writer at is taking stock in a new stock photo; Witty Kitty!  A sleeping cat resting purr-fectly below an empty frame allowing space for the cat’s thought cloud.  Now that cat is Witty Kitty!  A sassy cat that’s sure to come-back faster than Chuck Roy on a heckler!

How To Create Witty Kitty – Step 1

Witty Kitty was create by an almost daily joke writing exercise.  First, a visit to  This st0ck photo website provides royalty free artwork for Roy-aly funny jokes!  Dowloading the stock photo of the cute kitty cat napping is easy!

Step 2: Creating Witty Kitty

Next, edit the joke using inksape.  This open source professional vector graphics editor is free and creates terrific graphics.

Step 3: Be Witty! #WittyKitty

Finally, what does Witty Kitty think?  The empty picture frame provides a great spot for a bit of text that gives us insight into the cat’s world.  Much like the cats at this cat will scratch at the idea of canned laughter.

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