“Denver Comedy Titans”!

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EUGE! Chuckles Is One Of The Top 10 Comedy Shows To See In December!

EUGE Chuckles PR 728x90 Westword Titans“Bringing the best local talent to alternative stages” – Westword

Top entertainment newspaper says EUGE! Chuckles is, “delighting audiences for its entire existence”!

Full Text of Westword Article by Byron Graham

“Denver comedy titans Chuck Roy and Eugene Kenny have joined forces to create the regular EUGE! Chuckles Comedy showcases at the Armoury, an erstwhile soccer pub that has evolved into a talent crucible for Denver’s molten-hot comedy scene during off nights. Bringing the best local talent to alternative stages and offering new comics a chance to be vetted by veterans, EUGE! Chuckles has been delighting audiences for its entire existence, but they have a particularly special show planned this month. The duo have kept quiet about their methods, but somehow they’ve resurrected Liberace, “the biggest, gayest star Las Vegas ever produced,” according to Roy. The pianist and consummate entertainer may have died in 1987, but the man they called Mr. Showmanship isn’t above a little costumery and digital trickery when there are crowds to entertain.

Here is the original Westword Article.

LINK TO ARTICLE: http://www.westword.com/arts/the-ten-best-comedy-events-in-denver-in-december-7385258
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