Line-up Announcement for Chuck Roy “American Bear”

Chuck Roy - American Bear - bannerAll-Star Comedy Concert!

  • Chuck Roy
  • Steve “Mudflap” McGrew
  • Cory N Chad: The Smash Brothers
  • Hosted by Eugene Kenny

Oriental Theater | Saturday, July 23rd, 2016 8pm

4335 W 44th Ave. Denver, CO 80212 (720) 420-0030

TICKETS: General Admission $12  Advanced Tickets $10

DETAILS:   Facebook Event Link

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Chuck Roy - Bearly eating strawberries

Bearly Basic Facts About Chuck Roy

  • Modern Drunkard Magazine “Drunk of the Month”
  • teacher of comedy at Community College of Denver
  • comedian in Ralphie May Filthy Animal Tour
  • More details at
Cory N Chad 01

Cory N Chad

  • star in Andrew Dice Clay “The Blue Show”
  • tour with Carlos Mencia, Ralphie May and
  • headline Ralphie May Filthy Animal Tour.
  • Follow Cory N Chad on facebook
Cory N Chad - The Smash Brothers in Denver July 2016

Steve “Mudflap” McGrew

  • tours the world
  • featured in his own Comedy Central special
  • Get more details at
Comedian Eugene Kenny

Eugene Kenny

  • Denver’s Westword newspaper called Eugene Kenny a comedy “Titan”.
  • He’s a mentor to many and a terrific host.
  • Watch a lot of comedy at his broadcast channel

Chuck Roy - American Bear

What Inspired Chuck Roy to call this routine “American Bear”?

Just before going to bed for hibernation Chuck Roy’s Dad asked him, “Now that gay marriage is legal when are you getting married?”  Holy shit!  Gay marriage is legal for less than a year and Chuck’s gotta have that accomplished?  Grab a beer and a front row seat as Chuck, Denver’s stand-up comedy performing Bear, roars through a litany of reasons why he’s not married.

  • He’s a rockstar comedian.
  • Touring to promote his new movie, The Gnashing, will make relationships difficult
  • And there’s too many good candidates to choose from!

Bearly raised in New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die state, Chuck Roy spent a short time in politics before realizing life as a stand-up comedian.  Founder of the Conservative Youth Network (CYN), voted president of the New Hampshire Association of Student Councils (NHASC), Vice-President of the Future Business Leaders of American (FBLA) and a Hugh O’Brien Youth Network (HOBY) ambassador Chuck realized he was GAY and probably not the best database clerk for the Conservative Political Victory Fund (CPVF).  Then, after shaking hands with Rush Limbaugh, quit politics, smoked a joint and got on stage in Boston’s notoriously funny comedy routine.  Starting out with Dane Cook, Al Delbene, Bobby Kelly, Patrice O’Neil, Bill Burr and John Keating gave Chuck an in-depth understanding of how real comedy is performed. It also gave Chuck the Boston-comedy influence of stacking a show with all-star headliners so the audience gets the best experience. Expect to laugh hard, meet some great comedians and find out exactly what kind of man this American Bear intends to marry.


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