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Community College of Denver

Open Mic Comedy Show - October 5 - Denver

Learn how to rock the mic!

The Community College of Denver is a world leader in stand-up comedy training.  Join students of the Comedy class as they perform their own, orignal stand-up comedy routines.  On the first Wednesday of every month, the Comedy class hosts the Open Mic Comedy Show.  This live stand-up comedy show features student comedians telling jokes developed in class.  Course instructor Chuck Roy (Hulu, NetFlix, Last Comic Standing) teaches the students how to write and perform their best stand-up comedy.  The show takes place at the VooDoo Comedy Playhouse, the professional comedy setting adds to student learning and the audience experience.

VooDoo Comedy Playhouse

October 5th, 2016  Tix $7  Advance $5

1260 22nd Street, Denver, CO 80205

Tel 303-578-0079  •




Get answers to your questions about stand-up comedy, the comedy class or show business.  Instructor Chuck Roy hosts a 45-minute question and answer to help Denver comedians.

Ask questions about:

  • Joke Writing
  • Performing
  • Stand-up Comedy
  • TV/Film acting
  • Show Business
  • Public Speaking
  • Teaching Comedy

Next Open Mic Comedy Show

November 2, 2016

Final Exam Comedy Show

December 7, 2016  7pm  VooDoo Comedy Playhouse

Student learning is tested to the maximum with the Final Exam Comedy Show!  Comedy students host, perform and produce the comedy show.  Each City Hawk comedian performs their best jokes.  The final exam offers summative assessment of student learning.  Students must demonstrate mastery of the comedy skills learned throughout the semester.  For some students this will be their one and only time performing live, original stand-up comedy.  It is exciting to see them share their stories while demonstrating that they truly learned how to be a stand-up comedian.

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