Is Chuck Roy a #NegativeNancy?

Bearly starring in Adore Dalano’s new video.

Adore Delano | Negative Nancy

Bearly Coaching the Jocks

Daniel Anthony ‘Danny’ Noriega is Adore Delano, American drag musician ( Adore’s an artist with a giant vision to entertain her audience with hot, sexy punk rock music videos. She appeared on American Idol and the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

This summer Adore filmed several videos in Denver. Film director Ben Simkins and producer Kate Simkins created a Jocks vs Punks softball game featuring Adore as a pitcher this is set on victory for her squad of lovable losers.

“Adore’s got punk, funk and junk in her trunk”, surmises Chuck Roy, American Bear. He’s lucky to be featured as Coach of the Jock team. Woof!

Director Ben Simkins asked Chuck to improvise the opening monologue. “I took a walk, gave it some thought and came up with ‘Line up Buttercups!’,” he explains, “I wanted a clean joke with a sweet insult that would make Adore’s fans laugh.”

Adore Rocks!

Adore’s sarcasm plays well on screen and in song. Get on board with this Girl. Check out links to her albums, music and website.

Find out more about Adore!

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A Geek Mythology Production

  • Director Ben Simkins
  • Producer Katelyn Simkins
  • Edited by Katelyn and Ben Simkins
  • Crew: DP Chris Roe AC Jacob Fillmore 2nd AC Andrew Yang PA Noah Lee Jordan Ass Kicker John Padilla
  • Cast:Adore Delano, Chuck Roy, Henry Bae, Bryan Meza, Yvie Oddly, Sid Darling, Stevie-Ray Vance, Nichole Martinez, Karly Porter, Cameron Sprenger, Mike Temple, Emma Meeks, Jacob Meeks, John Miller, Ajay Davis, Ethan Hsieh Audience Survey

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