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Chuck Roy, Denver’s stand-up comedy performing Bear, is an actor, writer, teacher and comedian. 

Chuck Roy - comedianYou may know Chuck as a:

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He’s Bearly Funny!

Chuck Roy is a stand-up comedy performing Bear, teacher of comedy and producer of hand crafted, original jokes and comedy shows!

He’s out to change the world with laughter and teaching.

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  • TV Guide said Chuck ‘almost steals the show’ in 3rd Rock From The Sun
  • Featured on Hulu: Ralphie May Filthy Animal Tour
  • Watch him on Showtime! Louie Anderson Presents

Bearly Passionate

Audiences and comedy students love Chuck’s passion for art and exploring Fair Trade Show Business practices.  If you like to read about the latest Colorado Comedy Shows then continue to visit PRomo.ChuckRoy.com.

Chuck is a managing partner and working hard to develop comedy shows that reflect the quality of key Colorado industries like craft beer and world-class restaurants.

Comedy101 - Chuck RoyBearly Teaching

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Bearly Started

At the start, this blog was a simple idea to create an online PR Toolkit so that clients and comedy show booking agents could get fast and easy access to the latest PR tools like:

Today, this site offers an opportunity to build awareness for a Bearly funny stand-up comedian and his journey to build a global show business education platform.

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Bearly Professional

By the time of his 20th birthday Chuck quit a job in politics networking with the likes of Jack Kemp, Rush Limbaugh and Sec. Bill Bennett to follow the road Bearly traveled into stand-up comedy.

Working with acts like Aerosmith, studying at innovators like Will & Grace and working as a warm-up comedian built a set of skills as opening act and host.

After moving to Denver and hosting movies at Red Rocks Amphitheater for 10-years Chuck decided to build his own comedy company.  Now he’s managing partner of Colorado Comedy Shows and producing hand crafted, original comedy shows via Jokes.ChuckRoy.com/ComedyShows.

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