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Chuck Roy is a comedian campaigning to change the world with laughter.  This stand-up comedy performing ‘Bear’ lives life on ‘The Road Bearly Travelled’, a place where following your path includes building businesses like Colorado Comedy Shows and teaching comedy at the Community College of Denver.  He shares his passion for comedy, art and Fair Trade Show Business practices with students, faculty, audiences, administrators and just about anybody who will listen!

Chuck teaches comedy at the community college and privately through  Certified in Effective Teaching and Online Course Design, the Bear is developing synchronous eLearning techniques for the comedy class.  Accredited with a badge for ‘Accessibility Mastery’ he is recognized for creating course content that “demonstrates the ability to create digital content that is optimized for accessibility and universal access”.  Active in improving student satisfaction, he Bearly works on Faculty Learning Communities specializing in Universal Design in Learning (UDL), the flipped classroom and online peer review.

A semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing (Season 5), audiences know what students learn from Chuck, that he bleeds his heart, art and soul out on stage.  Watch Chuck get big laughs and work the crowd in movies such as Ralphie May Filthy Animal Tour (Hulu) and Louie Anderson Presents (Hulu).  Stay tuned by joining his mailing list to receive updates on his first drama, The Gnashing (2017), an indie movie.

In the late 1990s, Chuck achieved unexpected Hollywood success with an appearance on Will & Grace. While on tour in Indiana he picked up a copy of TV Guide and read a review of his performance on 3rd Rock From The Sun, “Chuck Roy almost steals the show…” and returned to his ideal gig as warm-up act for the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.  Restless, the Bear followed a path of childhood heroes like Daniel Boone and Kit Carson and blazed a trail to Denver to create nerdy YouTube videos like Saturday Night Meathead Fights and the Crop Report.  After 10 years with no pay raises for hosting movies at the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater Chuck famously dumped the local comedy club and re-invigorated his career by landing on all four paws with a new comedy company and a job teaching Fair Trade Show Business practices on the collegiate level.

Public policy and grassroots politics are the oldest parts of Chuck Roy’s story.  President of the New Hampshire Association of Student Councils, database clerk for former Congressman Chuck Douglas’s political action committee and an active Republican party operative at age 19, the Bear figured out just how gay he was!  That inner anxiety matched the turmoil of the 1992 primary, helping Chuck quit politics, flunk out of college and smoke the marijuana joint that introduced him to the love of his life, stand-up comedy.

Working with comedy students, faculty and college administrators to create educational materials that reach people of all abilities is Bearly a goal to laugh at.  Building a world class comedy program while trying to remain relevant as a movie maker is the next phase of Chuck Roy’s artistic journey.  And making love to audiences while introducing them to the next best new minds in comedy is surely a road worth travelling.  You can keep up with Chuck’s journey by reading his blog,  If you want to participate in the joke writing, watch his fastest growing youtube video How To Write A Joke and learn why this Bear’s journey is a road that you may want to travel for a lifetime of laughs.

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