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Chuck Roy | Filthy Animal

Watch Chuck Roy on Ralphie May Filthy Animal Tour

YouTube Stand-up Comedy Videos

Do you like comedy videos?  Welcome to the funniest collection of videos generated by Chuck Roy and hysterical teams of writers, producers, radio hosts and future TV stars.  Scroll down to enjoy stand-up comedy videos, Comedy101 learning videos and over 10 years of comedy series ideas produced with some of the best available indie filmmakers in Denver.  Laugh at the Crop Report, a pot news comedy series inspired by PBS Nightly Business Report.  Enjoy the Renewable Energy Comedy Show, EUGE! Chuckles and modern day old-school radio plays like Green Screen Theater “Attack of the 50 Foot Hippie“.

Click here for Chuck Roy’s YouTube Channel

Learn With

Watch this Course Overview Video to learn about Chuck’s online comedy school.

How To Write A Joke

Click here for the Comedy101 YouTube Play List

Community College of Denver: How To A Press Release

Click here for the CCD Comedy Course Description

Watch Chuck Roy Videos On Demand

Chuck Roy - TV Guide

You’ll laugh and love this collection of Chuck Roy videos.  These are great to promote Chuck’s stand-up comedy shows at your venue.

NetFlix, Hulu and Showtime

Denver: YouTube Producer

Chuck Roy’s first YouTube video, directed by Josh Oakhurst is Saturday Night Meathead Fights.

Retired YouTube Comedy Series

Scroll down to learn how Chuck Roy dreams big!!! View playlists of Chuck’s YouTube comedy series efforts.

Spaghetti Western Comedy Show

Click here for the Spaghetti Western Comedy Show YouTube Playlist

Crop Report Season 1

Click here for the Crop Report YouTube Channel and Season 2

Renewable Energy Comedy Show

Click here for the RECS YouTube Channel

Green Screen Theater

Click here for the GST YouTube Channel


Click here for the EUGE! YouTube Channel

EUGE! Chuckles

Click here for the EUGE! Chuckles YouTube Play List

Now Recording For Colorado Comedy Shows!

A new catalog of YouTube videos is on the way!  New stand-up gigs with  Colorado Comedy Shows.

Secret Comedy Club

Click here for the Secret Comedy Club YouTube Play List
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